View Full Version : How to Improve Network performance?

07-10-2014, 09:22 AM
If I have users that routinely complain about the speed of the network, I need to take a logical approach to identify actual network performance issues that may occur. How to monitor and optimize network performance?

How should I do? Thanks!

07-10-2014, 09:35 AM
Most complaints of network performance actually have nothing to do with the network itself. The vast majority of network performance complaints have to do with over-taxed back-end applications, not the network.

Start by evaluating all back-end systems such as database servers, mail servers, mainframe systems, etc. Compare the application hardware requirements with the actual user load. An application designed to support 1,000 users will come to its knees if you have 2,000 users and have not addressed the back-end requirements and upgraded as needed.

Be sure that your network is properly designed. It's one thing to have a flat network with 100 or so users but another thing entirely with several thousand. Segment out the network with VLANs to keep the broadcast domains as small as possible. Broadcasts on a network with 100 users won't affect performance much but if you have 2,000 users on a flat network it will be a major consideration.

Be sure to use manageable layer 3 switches at the core and all vertical runs. This is essential for setting up VLANs. You can go with less expensive switches within a VLAN but it's not recommended. Be sure that your vertical runs are as fast as possible. Gigabit is essential here. Gigabit is highly recommended for all hosts as well but that's less important than the switch-to-switch runs.

Be sure that all cabling systems are certified. One or two mangled connections at critical choke points can bring the entire network to its knees.

Get a copy of Capsa (http://www.colasoft.com/capsa/) and learn how to use it. A good network sniffer and protocol analyzer is essential to network troubleshooting. Know how to mirror ports on your switches so that you can collect packets to analyze when problems arise.

Hope this helps.