View Full Version : 12 Things To Know When Troubleshooting Your Network

08-19-2010, 09:30 AM
You work for a small organization where you wear many hats. You are the network admin for PCs and your routers and switches. Anything that’s broken is YOUR problem and only your fault. So, you walk into your office
one morning, and you hear the phone ringing. You have an irate user on the other end telling you that the “network is down.” I always love those calls where a user, who has no networking background, tells you that the network is down without any analysis tools or technical background. After years of working in networking, you probably know that if the network were really down, then the whole department would probably be calling you and not just this one same user every morning.
This white paper approaches this situation with some of the common troubleshooting things that, you as a network administrator, know or maybe should know.

<a href="/attachment/12_things_to_know_when_troubleshooting_network.pdf">Download the white paper</a>.