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08-31-2010, 07:54 AM
The 2009 Handbook of Application Delivery
A Guide to Decision Making in Challenging Economic Times
By Dr. Jim Metzler

Throughout this handbook, the phrase application delivery will refer to the task of ensuring that the applications that an enterprise uses:
• Can be effectively managed
• Exhibit acceptable performance
• Incorporate appropriate levels of security
• Are cost effective
Over the last few years application delivery has become a priority for virtually all IT organizations. However, while many IT organizations have become better at application delivery, the majority of IT organizations struggle with this highly complex task. One of the primary goals of this handbook is to help IT organizations become better with application delivery.
One of the ways that the handbook achieves that goal is by creating a framework that IT organizations can customize for use in their environment. The four primary components of the framework are:
• Planning
• Network and application optimization
• Management
• Control
Another way that the handbook achieves that goal is by identifying criteria that IT organizations can use when evaluating alternative solutions.

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