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  • Keep the Traffic Flowing Using a Network Traffic Monitoring Tool

    Network analysis helps businesses and professionals on the Internet to capture their network traffic and inspect it more closely so as to determine what is happening on the network. With the continuous growth in company intranets, it has become crucial for system administrators and security analysts to be aware of the different types of traffic crossing their networks. To ensure uninterrupted network services, it is essential to conduct network traffic monitoring and analysis. This promotes effective troubleshooting and immediate resolution of any issues that may occur.

    Networking Traffic Monitoring Patterns: What it Entails and Why

    Network traffic monitoring is a method by which you can spy the exchange on data packets on your network. It is required to be performed in the following situations:

    Auditing network security

    Debugging network configurations

    Analyzing usage patterns

    Traffic patterns on a network are monitored using network monitoring tools, both hardware and software. These act as network traffic sniffers. The monitoring tool sniffs snags in traffic, if any, and sends alert messages to the network administrator through email or pager.

    Any interruption in a computer network may result in failure of information exchange between employees of an organization and with its customers. Businesses can evaluate downtime using the statistics obtained through network monitoring. The result may be a huge loss of revenue, productivity and resources. A number of elements in a network including switches, routers, WAN or e-mail servers require regular monitoring. A monitoring tool diagnoses the problem and informs at the earliest. This enables network administrators and security analysts to stay prepared for future network outages by analyzing network issues.

    Network Traffic Monitoring Tools: Factors to Consider

    Consider your network size before reaching a decision about network traffic monitoring tool. If your network ranges from small to medium size, download some freeware software. Purchase a network monitoring tool that supports monitoring servers, systems, networks and applications. A bandwidth monitoring tool to acquire network-usage data supports protocols such as SNMP and NetFlow, and Packet Sniffer applications.

    Packet Sniffer: It sniffs all network data packets that pass through the network card of a computer network. It categorizes network traffic by various parameters including IP address and protocol.

    NetFlow: This protocol measures bandwidth usage and classifies network traffic by parameters, such as IP address and protocol. It is ideal for high-traffic networks. However, it works with Cisco routers only.

    SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol monitors how much bandwidth is being used by routers and switches. It can also read memory and CPU load.
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