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Thread: The difference between nChronos and Capsa?

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    Question The difference between nChronos and Capsa?

    Hey guys,

    What are the differences between nChronos and Capsa?
    As I know, nChronos is more advanced and for large enterprise, Capsa,we usually use it as portable network analyzer.
    Am I correct?

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    nChronos: for long-term 24*7 traffic capture. It has a server probe and a console program, we use console to view analysis stats from server remotely, and can select any past time period to look into. So it’s advantages are: long-term traffic monitoring, remote control, back-in-time analysis. It’s a big product for users to view traffic trends. And when you find some anomalies, you can download the packets and analyze the packets with Capsa.

    Capsa: portable network analyzer, which we use more often when there is a network problem and we need to troubleshoot. So it’s mainly for short-term traffic capture and analysis. It focuses more on detailed, in-depth analysis.

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