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Thread: Parser CAP - visual tool for Internet traffic analysis

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    Post Parser CAP - visual tool for Internet traffic analysis

    ParserCap is a visual tool for information security specialists, system administrators, students and everyone who needs to analyze network traffic in PCAP format (libpcap — ETHERNET and IEEE 802.11).
    It is also possible to set filters for identifier search TCP headers (Documents, Multimedia, Files, Logins, Passwords etc.). If necessary, it is possible to view detailed statistics on every MAC address, including COOKIES, USER-AGENTS, HTTP GET/POST and a lot more.

    • Reading *.pcap from airodump-ng, kismet and other utilities;
    Showing MAC address extended information:
    • HTTP sessions
    • Cookies
    • DNQ Query
    • SSL Handshake (server names)
    • MDNS and LLNMR

    Other information
    • Analyzing DNS Query for all MAC addresses in PCAP traffic
    • IPv4 an IPv6 support
    • IEEE 802.11 support

    Additional features:
    • Creating keyword search filters in TCP headers (Archives, Documents, Files, Passwords, Logins, etc.)
    • Viewing all found reserved word for a selected MAC address.

    • MAC Vendor Search
    • URL converter
    • JSON converter
    • UNIX Time converter

    Supports protocols:
    • ARP
    • DNS (v. IP4)
    • LLNMR (v. IP6)
    • MDNS (v. IP6)
    • DHCP (v. IP4)
    • HTTP Headers (v. IP4)

    FREEWARE - Current vesrion (15.07.2014): 0.4.4
    Links project: http://parsercap.net/

    044_dns_analiz.jpg 044_mac_info.jpg 044_main.jpg

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    Hi, great share.
    How many protocols does it support?
    Colasoft Capsa is a portable network analyzer for both LAN and WLAN performing real-time packet capturing, network monitoring, advanced protocol analysis, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosis.

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    Supports protocols:
    * ARP
    * LLNMR (v. IP6)
    * MDNS (v. IP6)
    * DHCP (v. IP4)
    * TCP (v. IP4)
    * SSL (v. IP4)
    * HTTP Headers (v. IP4)
    * DNS (v. IP4)
    * IEEE 802.11
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    06.08.2014 Parser Cap 0.4.8 Release

    NEW: Visible relationship between MAC addresses
    NEW: Device name can be seen on the LAN/WIFI
    FIXED: Show statistics result for IEEE protocols
    FIXED: Error reading SSL handshake
    FIXED: Press button “Cancel” when loading files
    FIXED: Unix time input value raise error
    IMPROVE: small bug fixes

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    Arrow Parser Cap 0.5.6 Release

    24.12.2014 Parser Cap 0.5.5 Release

    1. NEW: View all HTTP Session
    2. FIXED: update not clickable button ‘update’
    3. FIXED: small bugs fixed
    22.12.2014 Parser Cap 0.5.4 Release

    – FIXED: Critical ERROR opens external URL
    – FIXED : small bugs fixes
    19.12.2014 Parser Cap 0.5.3 Release

    – NEW: All broadcast MAC have mark grey colour
    – FIXED: An error occurred while opening the analysis window IDs
    – FIXED : small bugs fixes
    16.12.2014 Parser Cap 0.5.2 Release

    – HOT: Show session time for all MAC address
    – NEW: Save last position “work dir” analysis
    – IMPROVE: Optimize speed loading “pcap” file(s) – up to 12 percent
    – FIXED: Correctly worked with “Settings” program
    – FIXED: Correctly show list DNS analysis for selected MAC address
    – FIXED: Now can break load large file (button close work correctly)
    – FIXED : small bugs fixes
    07.12.2014 Parser Cap 0.5.1 Release

    – Optimize code (change size program 32 mb to 14 mb)
    – FIXED : small bugs fixes
    05.12.2014 Parser Cap 0.5.0 Release

    – License: For work with ParserCap, You need have account in http://parsercap.net (FREE REGISTRATION)
    – NEW: Now analysis all packets with protocol IEEE 802.11
    – NEW: Now all DIR and FILES “settings” current logging user save in “My Documents”
    – CHANGE: small change in GUI
    – FIXED : small bugs fixes

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