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Thread: 50 Best Hacking Tools!

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    50 Best Hacking Tools!

    Hacking tools can be dangerous in the wrong hands. But, they can be just as useful for a good ethical hacker too!
    Hacking tools have been said to make hacking quite easy as compared to the old days. But, there is still more to being a hacker than just that. Yes, these tools have made it simple, but that is nothing unless you have the knowledge about other aspects of hacking as well. We present tp you a set of must-have hacking tools.
    Wireless Hacking: These are tools that help you hack into wireless networks. Wireless hacking tools though useful, do not make you a complete hacker. In order to achieve that, you must learn the different ways in which a secure network can be accessed. Also, you should work on making your own network as secure as possible.

    1. Aircrack-ng

    2. Kismet

    3. inSSIDer

    4. KisMAC

    Intrusion Detection Systems: Intrusion detection tools are one of the most important part of any security arrangement. They allow you to detect those threats that are potentially dangerous for your system.

    1. Snort

    2. NetCop

    Port Scanners

    1. Nmap

    2. Superscan

    3. Angry IP Scanner

    Encryption Tools: In an age where more and more governments are being found spying on their own citizens, encryption is the word of the day. These tools allow you to encrypt your data so that even if someone does get through, they can’t get to the data easily.

    1. TrueCrypt

    2. OpenSSH

    3. Putty

    4. OpenSSL

    5. Tor

    6. OpenVPN

    7. Stunnel

    8. KeePass

    Password Crackers: The name is pretty self explanatory in this case. These tools help you recover passwords from the data that a computer system is storing or transmitting over a network.

    1. Ophcrack

    2. Medusa

    3. RainbowCrack

    4. Wfuzz

    5. Brutus

    6. L0phtCrack

    7. fgdump

    8. THC Hydra

    9. John The Ripper

    10. Aircrack - Aircrack is 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program.

    11. Cain and Abel

    Packet Crafting: Packet crafting is the technique through which an attacker finds vulnerabilities or entry points within your firewall. These tools help you achieve that more easily.

    1. Hping

    2. Scapy

    3. Netcat

    4. Yersinia

    5. Nemesis

    6. Socat

    Traffic Monitoring: These are tools that let you monitor what websites your employees or children are monitoring.

    1. Splunk

    2. Nagios

    3. P0f

    4. Ngrep

    Packet Sniffers: These are tools that can allow you to capture and visualise the traffic that is coming on your website.

    1. Wireshark

    2. Tcpdump

    3. Ettercap

    4. dsniff

    5. EtherApe

    Vulnerability Exploitation: These are the tools that you would use in order to gain access to various places.

    1. Metasploit

    2. sqlmap

    3. sqlninja

    4. Social Engineer Toolkit

    5. NetSparker

    6. BeEF

    7. Dradis

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    Great share, Aseem. Don't forget our all-in-one and easy-to-use network analyzer Capsa please.
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