If you wonder what might be going on the net and I do not mean the Internet , rather , I mean local networks and data packets are exchanged traffic that can compromise the same , apart from knowing the programs are making these exchanges. An application like Microsoft Network Monitor, you can find out how information will flow from one side to another network .

Of course, in the market you can find monitors network with more features and functionality , but Microsoft Network Monitor is a software application very clean and organized . The traces left on the disk is minimal and its use of CPU resources . Should the situation of encountering a data packet which fails to understand , then have at your disposal over any third party parser that you can install to deal with this situation.

Most network monitoring software to offer a package that includes features such as asset management, Wide Area Network ( WAN ) , WAN traffic analysis , Local Area Network (LAN and server. A network monitor software makes your task of monitoring is an easy matter to do . According to recent research , some network monitoring software can monitor and report on almost anything related to the network. ‘s important for a network administrator to have some free network monitor software installed because it is quite useful to resolve any problems associated with the network.

A network monitor software can identify current and future problems with the network , and controls all componetes LAN and network equipment. Also , solve all the problems related reports and reports on network equipment ; apart , reduces waste of time, allowing the user to monitor each component of the network equipment and notifies whenever any fault occurs. A network can be managed from a central command .

Microsoft Network Monitor is an essential tool for every network administrator , IT providers and computer systems specialists . You can permanently monitor Internet servers , intranet servers , modems , databases , routers , including records and more for 24 hours a day , ensuring optimal performance.

Microsoft Network Monitor collects information network remote machines with the help of Remote Registry service . When a network monitoring software detects a problem with the network, it sends an automatic alert via email , SMS or network message . Some allow WAP network monitors to check the state of the network via mobile phone from anywhere in the world .

Microsoft Network Monitor runs on Windows XP Home , Windows XP Professional , Windows 2000 Professional , Windows Server 2003 , and Windows Server 2000 .