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Thread: Are You Treating Cybercrime Like Real Crime?

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    Are You Treating Cybercrime Like Real Crime?

    There may not be any police tape or chase scenes involved, but don’t be fooled— cybercrime is just as serious as any other legal infraction.

    In fact, cybercrime can arguably be more dangerous than many similarly treated offenses precisely because it is often perpetrated without much notice. In an age where the pace of data is being exchanged across a range of platforms and servers at a dizzying pace, the need for network security has never been higher.

    Just consider this recent statistic: cyber crime costs $375-$575 billion and causes a net loss of up to 200,000 jobs in the U.S. alone, according to research conducted by the Center for Strategic & International Studies. While those statistics are striking, perhaps more troubling is that the FBI estimates only 10 percent of all cybercrime incidents are reported to the IC3. So in reality, the losses may be much greater.

    Due to the consequences of cybercrime, it is imperative for businesses and consumers to protect themselves and each other. One of the most effective means of doing so comes in the form of network forensics. Network forensics help companies reconstruct exactly what happened when an attack occurs, successful or not. Network forensics gives you the detailed answers to who, what where, and when so that you can target perpetrators and enhance your security detection tools for the future.

    The more organizations focus on and invest in network forensics, and treat security incidents seriously, the safer the burgeoning ecommerce marketplace will be for all involved. Heightened awareness and serious commitment should be a collective goal.

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