In today’s modern era, the internet plays veryimportant role among communications of variousstakeholders. Internet creates a link between clientand server. But the interface between client andserver faces various security attacks like contentsniffing attack, denial-of-service attack, replayattack, bots, cross site scripting and phishing.Sniffing attack is very difficult to handle. So, this paper focuses on comprehensive review of sniffingattacks, its type, sniffing tools and techniques,online adaptation problem, Scatter net schemebased on sniff mode, sniff project, Wi-Fi sniffing program and other related techniques. Numerousresearch papers explored for this purpose. Reviewing process also focused on securitymeasures which are applied during the flow ofinformation between client and server. To explorethe gap in present area, overcome issues related tosniffing attacks are also discussed in the research paper.

Keywords- Attacks, MIME, Phishing, Security,Sniffing, Threats