Many of the programs listed below are included with Windows and provide all kinds of information about what is happening on the computer. Some you’ve probably heard of, and hopefully a few will be new to you.

1. Task Manager – CPU and memory usage

Everyone that deals with Windows in a system administrator capacity has to know about the most common of SysAdmin Tools, Task Manager. The nice thing is it keeps getting better with each new version of Windows.

2. Resource monitor – high level disk I/O tracking

Have you ever been using a computer or server and noticed it get really sluggish? Sometimes you can hear the disk thrashing and know that some process is busier than you want it to be. If you’re lucky, you can check Task Manager and sort by CPU to see which process is using a lot of CPU. But in many cases, the offending process is doing very little with CPU because it’s so busy thrashing the disk. Another fairly common piece of Windows SysAdmin Tools, the Resource Monitor, lets you find the culprit.