Data security is a race between attackers and defenders. Attackers win when they can commit their crimes—stealing data, encrypting files, or performing some other destructive act—before being detected and stopped. Defenders win when they detect an attack and stop it before any harm is done.

Unfortunately, these days, the attackers seem to have time on their side. The typical security attack lingers undetected on an enterprise network for an average of 229 days, according to researchers. That’s over 7 months of free time for stealing data and committing some other act of cyber crime.

Why does it take so long to detect security attacks? One reason is that today’s attacks are increasingly subtle and sophisticated. But another reason is that, once an attack slips past network defenses and hides on the network for even a few days, the amount of hard evidence that security analysts have access to falls off dramatically.

In the first two days, security analysts are likely to have access to network forensics data with stored packets containing the attack itself. After two days, the evidence shrinks to mostly derivative data—some log files here, some metadata there. These can sometimes provide indirect clues about what really took place, but it’s far less useful than being able to explore the actual traffic containing the attack itself.

Cybersecurity involves protecting that infrastructure by preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber incidents. Unlike physical threats that prompt immediate action-like stop, drop, and roll in the event of a fire-cyber threats are often difficult to identify and comprehend. Among these dangers are viruses erasing entire systems, intruders breaking into systems and altering files, intruders using your computer or device to attack others, or intruders stealing confidential information. Colasoft's nChronos network forensic analysis software is a powerful weapon every business should have to monitor and defend against Cyber Crime and Cyber Attacks.

The only way to truly monitor your network against cyber-crime is to install an application like Colasoft's nChronos which is capable of monitoring ALL network data at the packet level 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With the ability to decode protocols in 7 layers, nChronos network analysts can analyze every aspect and layer of their network to identify and spot abnormal network communication activities.

nChronos is a Cyber Crime Prevention and Forensic Data Recorder application designed for monitoring medium and large corporate installations. nChronos connects to your company's core router or switch and monitors all network traffic, emails and chat sessions inbound and outbound. nChronos provides the ability to monitor abnormal traffic and alert upon detection of "Suspicious Conversations". Only when network engineers monitor network activities of the entire network at the packet level are they able to identify abnormal network activities and protect their companies from cyber-crime and cyber-attacks.

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nChronos not only alerts you of an attack, it records ALL Packet data. This ability to record all network packet data provides you with the ability to "rewind" and "replay" the actual network activity as it occurred. Companies have video cameras to monitor who physically enters their business afterhours, now with nChronos you can monitor and record data activity in a similar manner. The time has come where theft of company assets and intellectual property from data streams and network activity is the greater threat. nChronos has placed itself as an effective monitor and deterrent of cyber-crime. With a relatively minor investment, nChronos can provide insight and deep packet analysis of all network activity.

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