Best network analyzer freeware tool Wireshark. It is an open source packet analyzer. This tool is able to capture and read information from applications like Microsoft network monitor, Snoop, and Sniffer.

For better performance of network administrators it is important that they have relevant information about their network and network protocol. So there are many tools for network analyzer but they are very costly and they don’t give much information about any network but in the list of best network analyzer wireshark is listed.

Wireshark is a free and open-source network analyzer tool. It is used for network error troubleshooting, analysis, software and communications protocol development and education. Originally it’s name is Ethereal but in May 2006 the Ethereal project is renamed to Wireshark because of trademark issues.

Wireshark is based on WinPcap. WinPcap is required after installing wireshark. If winpcap is not installed in your computer while installing wireshark it will automatically installed by wireshark.
What is WinPcap
When installing wireshark winpcap is installed as a separate program. This tool is used to capture network packets without the interference of any protocols. Winpcap includes kernel level packet filtering. Network statistics engine and a driver. This driver is used to bypass all network protocols and access the low level network layers.

TCP/IP and OSI models network analyzer

TCP/IP and ISO OSI etc have different sets of layers. We the users generally work at the application level and application level is the top most level in both TCP and OSI protocols. Winpcap works on the lowest lavel that is Network layer it bypass all other upper layers.

Standout features
Expert Info logs problematic network behavior.
Data can be viewed live or from previously captured files.
Live data can be captured from numerous network interfaces and types.
Powerful filtering system is available.
Powerful macro system is included.
End point, protocol hierarchy, conversion, and more statistics are viewable.
VoIP Analysis can be performed.
Read/Write in numerous capture formats.
Decryption is supported.
Coloring rules are supported.
Exporting reports to XML, PostScript, CSV, or plain text is included.

Wireshark Network Analyzer
Wireshark is very famous tool among network administrator’s that’s why I decided to test it out and give you an basic tutorial on how to use wireshark for network analyzing.

Interface List :- When you click on interface list option. It provides you all the available network adaptors in your computer. You have to select which network adaptor you want to capture.

Start :- After selecting the network adaptor click on start it will start packet capturing. It will show the data pertaining to the network card you selected.

Filtering the packets is key when using wireshark – done by using the search bar within the interface (top left). If you right click on a packet of interest you can ‘follow TCP stream’ and you get a ton of raw information.

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