Savvius announced OmniPeek 9.0 is now shipping. OmniPeek 9.0 offers a number of new features including improved application awareness, geographical identification of network nodes, substantial updates to protocol decodes, PTP packet time synchronization, and enhanced analytics performance.

OmniPeek 9.0 highlights Savvius’s close relationships with other vendors of vital network and security products. Application awareness in OmniPeek 9.0 is improved through the use of Deep Packet Inspection technology from Procera Networks. By taking full advantage of Napatech capabilities, analytics performance with network adapters has been dramatically improved. Integration with Gigamon enables real-time SSL decryption.

This leading networking software solution suite includes new software for the Omnipliance family of high-performance capture hardware appliances for network forensics analysis and troubleshooting.

"The pressures on businesses to ensure network reliability and performance have never been greater; the cloud, mobile resources, BYOD and new business processes are putting unprecedented stress on networks," says Larry Zulch, president of Savvius. "OmniPeek 9.0 provides best-in-class solutions for understanding and troubleshooting networks, large and small, with one constant – the fastest mean time to resolution."

OmniPeek 9.0 is available now through the Savvius Store, Savvius’s direct sales force or Savvius Authorized Resellers.

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