In today's business world, internet usage has become a necessity for doing business. Unfortunately, a company's use of the internet comes with considerable risk to its network and business information.

Web security threats include phishing attacks, malware, scareware, rootkits, keyloggers, viruses and spam. While many attacks occur when information is downloaded from a website, others are now possible through drive-by attacks where simply visiting a website can infect a computer. These attacks usually result in data and information leakage, loss in productivity, loss of network bandwidth and, depending on the circumstances, even liability issues for the company. In addition to all this, cleanup from malware and other types of attacks on a company's network are usually costly from both the dollar aspect as well as the time spent recovering from these web security threats.

Fortunately, there are steps a company can take to protect itself from these web security threats. Some are more effective than others, but the following suggestions should help narrow down the choices.

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