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Thread: How To Decrypt Ruby SSL Communications with Wireshark

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    How To Decrypt Ruby SSL Communications with Wireshark

    Debugging a program that communicates with a remote endpoint usually involves analyzing the network communications. A common method is capturing the traffic using a packet analyzer tool such as Colasoft Capsa ,tcpdump or Wireshark. However, this process can be tricky when the communication is encrypted. Our team, responsible for the Trustwave network vulnerability scanning system, regularly encounters this situation - especially when scanning systems we don't control (mostly those of customers).

    In this blog post, I will explain how to decrypt SSL/TLS communications to allow for the analysis of that traffic with Wireshark. I will focus on Ruby and the binding for OpenSSL. Please note that the topic of this post is not methods for breaking crypto-systems. Instead, it's about how to retrieve key material for decryption.

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