When it comes to managing network devices, there are some good habits to get into, but there are some things not to do, said Leon Adato, the network management head geek at SolarWinds.
Adato provided FierceEnterpriseCommunications with a list of three ‘don’ts’ that may come in handy when managing network devices:

Don’t forget to save. Sage advice if there ever was some, even if it sometimes seems like “save often” is common sense by now. It’s easy to forget to save and end up losing work on configuration changes. “Writemem is your friend,” Adato said.

Don’t just sit there. Adato recommends network administrators be proactive. “Don’t wait for network problems to knock on your door. Be proactive.” What’s the best way to do that? Talk to the other teams, ask how well things are working and if they’re working as expected, and also inquire as to how things could be improved or work better. It could provide further insight into issues end-users are having and what could be changed to improve operations.

And finally, don’t be lazy.
”Don’t fall it into the ‘set it and forget it’ trap,” Adato said. Automating processes is a great way to streamline operations and free up time from doing manual operations, but don’t just walk away entirely.