April 26, 2016 - Colasoft (www.colasoft.com), an innovative provider of powerful and affordable network analysis solutions, today announced the release of its flagship product Colasoft nChronos Network Forensic Analysis Appliance v5.1. With the packets of user-defined applications can be stored with truncated length now, the storage and retrieval performance are greatly improved. In addition, HTTP packets reconstruction and packets replay link are now available in nChronos 5.1, allowing network managers to easily monitor network activities and replay packets for abnormality diagnosis.

People have attached more and more importance to the security of the web information. While as the central protocol of web’s application layer, HTTP forms the foundation of it. Colasoft nChronos 5.1 provides an HTTP packets reconstruction feature, which can show which web pages that an endpoint visits. If you select an IP address, nChronos can reconstruct the web pages that it visits. You can see how the page looked exactly. By exactly recording who have visited where and when, it is particularly suitable for executives to supervise the employees' web browsing at work, and record the time and web sites they visited for future reference.

Sometimes we need to see the proof details to define the root cause when there is abnormality on the network, especially when we need to define the problem is related to network or to application. With nChronos 5.1, you can view the packet details very quickly, without opening the complete Expert analyzer. Just select the interested traffic and click "Decode Packets", you can load Expert Analyzer to decode packets down to protocol fields.

Other new features in nChronos v5.1 you will find:

IP segment based virtual interfaces support.
Truncated packets can be analyzed with original length.
DPDK support.
System monitor information can be sent as syslog.
VXLan protocol support.
A VXLan statistical view is provided.
nChronos service can be restarted on nChronos Server web page.

“Some most requested features return in nChronos v5.1,” said Eddie Gao, CTO at Colasoft, “Previously, we took each change separately and drilled down to determine why it's beneficial. We are always on the way to be better.”

An evaluation version of nChronos 5.1 is available for download at http://www.colasoft.com/download/products/nchronos.php