Capacity and real time monitoring 24/7 is moon functions prior dun network analyzer packet sniffer / analyzer / operating principle of protocole.Le dun network analyzer is capturing data (mainly packets) transmitted on réseau. Colasoft Capsa is among the famous network analyzers, it is able to capture and display data in user The interface in the table and intuitive graphics, giving you an overview of complex network.

There are a total of 10 times in Colasoft Capsa, namely “Summary”, “Diagnostics”, “endpoints”, “protocols”, “Conversations”, “Matrix”, “packet”, “Activity”, ” graphic “and” reports “, plus a” Node Explorer “on the left.

After the launch of Colasoft Capsa, EXCEPT “reports” point of view which is used to generate reports in real time, the remaining nine times and the “Node Explorer” displays real-time data from their corresponding statistics , letting you know the situation actuelledu network.

However, most of the time we will not be sitting at the computer looking at the screen and not any network outages can be found within a very court.Parfois, The analysis of network monitoring requires long and must be founded on the basis of normal. Ainsi network, network monitoring long time is an essential function of the analyzer network.

Colasoft Capsa supports 24/7 hour network monitoring long-temps. It is able to capture all packets and denregistrer these files in packages of our various local disk manières.Nous navons not need to stay with the computer, plus.Quand not it needs to display information network history, we just need dimporter package files saved in Colasoft Capsa and then we can work danalyse post.