It is helpful for network administrators to have an overviews of what is taking place on their networks. In order to do so, the use of applications and software becomes necessary. I mean, it is not possible for the naked eye to magically pinpoint errors and monitor network details like bottlenecks, network strength, and data packets. When specifically interested in replaying captured data packets, Colasoft Packet Player Pro promises to do that right of the bat. I installed and used the software and here is my take.

At a Glance
Although Colasoft Packet Player Pro’s main feature is to replay captured packets, it offers more. It can also send packet file with the option to select or deselect burst mode. Setting the application to start capturing packets was easy. I just selected the Ethernet adapter on my PC and created a network profile.

Friendly User Interface
There was little that was complicated about using Colasoft Packet Player Pro. The software has clearly laid out network analysis options to choose from. For instance, choosing Burst Mode required me to slide the selector to the right. With the Burst Mode selected, I was able to send packets each after the other without any wait times.

Supports Many Packet Trace File Formats
I was really impressed by this application’s ability to support packet trace files created by other packet sniffers. In particular, I was able to open and replay packets captured by Wireshark, which I initially had installed. I also noticed that this new edition of Colasoft Packet Player Pro also supports the *.pcapng format packet files. The wide support meant that I was able to do all my analysis using this app without the need to switch between applications.

Minimal Network Interference
While sending packet files, I expected a performance drop on my internet speeds. However, that was not the case. Streaming high definition was still smooth regardless of whether the Burst Mode was on or not.

Customizable Network Monitoring
The additional and probably helpful feature that comes with Colasoft Packet Player Pro is the option to select what traffic you want to monitor. Monitoring all the network traffic was available as well as the option to pinpoint traffic from applications like e-mail, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN.

Superior Ping Tool
As compared to the native ping tool on my PC that I access via the CMD, Colasoft Packet Player Pro’s tool has additional features. It allowed me to ping multiple IP addresses. As such, comparing the results was easy with the use of a graphic chart.

The simplicity in using Colasoft Packet Player Pro presents a smooth learning curve for using it. Its user friendly interface is also another plus especially if you are new to network monitoring and administration. As such, it is worth a try.