The NETGEAR® GS700TPS Smart Switch Software Administration Manual describes how to

install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot the GS700TPS Gigabit Stackable PoE Smart Switch

using its included software. This book describes the software configuration procedures and

explains the options available within those procedures.

Who Should Use this Book

The information in this manual is intended for readers with intermediate to advanced system

management skills.

This document was created primarily for the system administrator who wishes to install and

configure the GS700TPS Smart Switch in a network. This user guide assumes that the reader has a

general understanding of switch platforms and a basic knowledge of Ethernet and networking

concepts. To install this switch, it is not necessary to understand and use all of its capabilities.

Once basic configuration is performed, the switch operates using the remaining factory default

parameters. However, a greater level of configuration—anywhere from the basic up to the

maximum possible—will allow your network the full benefit of the switch’s features. The web

interface simplifies this configuration at all levels.

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