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Thread: Welcome to Colasoft testing group

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    Welcome to Colasoft testing group

    We are looking for test users for our upcoming beta software products, by joining Colasoft testing group, you will get prior-access to our new products or updates and have a chance to make a difference and get your needs implemented into the product.

    As Colasoft Test Users, you are able to:

    • Eligible to use and test all Colasoft software for free.
    • Privilege for technical support and pre-know new features.
    • Increase your professional knowledge and help Colasoft to develop awareness of industry's best practices in network analysis software testing.
    • Share your software experience with Colasoft and build up your reputation in our forum.
    • Awarded free license and receive discounts to Colasoft products.
    • Get your feedback published.
    To join Colasoft testing group, you need to be an existing member.
    Unregistered? Register now.

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